India can only become a global superpower in the coming years if every Indian makes his effort count. This involves efforts in removing diseases like corruption, not only among our ministers but also the general masses. Also, India can never be called developed if half of it lives on roads and in slums, no matter how many billionaires we have in Fortune listings. It is not only the governments prerogative to do this even though it has a great responsibility in this regard but also that of every responsible citizen. If all this can be done, 2020 is too long a time for India to become a superpower.
only One simply cannot make India developed. first of all is that we all need to respect India i.e., we should have love for country . we should have a sense that we being Indians should use our knowledge only to develop our country. but not by serving the other countries by doing their jobs in states. happiness lies in utilising one's knowledge for the sake of their own country and there should be a change in the thinking of society and it would finally result in the development of country. secondly there should be a decrease in the corruption levels in the country.Thirdly we should utilize the voting system effectively and the youth needs to play an important role in the development of the country as they are the backbone of the country and it is the advantage that India has abundant human resource which is approximately about 20-30%more than that of U.S. so what else we need is awareness that's it . the awareness makes all the difference and it was clearly shown in the film "Rang De Basanti" so let's not only hope the best but do the best
The main root has to be cut out POPULATION EXPLOSION.Then we can manage everything.All the sinful deed is done only for money ,money for there extra children.If population is under control there is no need to earn more by there sinful deed for there children
By inventing some robot police and by some crime investigating robots