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Of all the living beings on earth, only humans have the capacity to express their feelings, be it happiness or sorrow, in a more controlled effective way,Happiness is indeed a pleasant feeling that everyone wishes to experience in their life. But happiness does not come from money, fame or popularity. A millionaire who has the best comforts in life may be the saddest person on earth, on the other hand, a lay man who may not have any monetary wealth may be the happiest person on earth! This shows that a person's wealth has no influence on his happiness. The happiness we experience in small things sometimes turn out to be the most beautiful joy ever! A quote says, ' a smile is the only curve that can make all things straight'. Even when a stranger smiles at us, we feel pleasant. When we get a holiday because of rain , we feel happy. When India wins a match, we feel proud although we don't directly represent our country. It is highly important that we make others happy and at the same time we feel happy too!
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One essential standard for living is being able to be happy happiness can be found in many different forms it can be found with the purchasing of inanimate objects that better our life styles or it can be found with someone else that you associate with the letter is the more imperative of the design of happiness. 
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