Not only three but i have a big list of great mathematicians
Panini (4th century BCE)
Pingala (post-Panini)
Aryabhata – Astronomer who gave accurate calculations for astronomical constants, 476–520 CE
Varahamihira (505 – 587 CE)
Yativṛṣabha – A 6th-century mathematician and writer of the book Tiloyapannatti which gives various units for measuring distances and time and postulated different concepts about infinity.
Brahmagupta – Helped bring the concept of zero into arithmetic (598–670 CE)
Bhaskara I (600–680 CE)
Shridhara (between 650–850) – Gave a good rule for finding the volume of a sphere
Mahavira (9th century CE)
Pavuluri Mallana – the first Telugu Mathematician
Hemachandra (1087 - 1172 CE)
Bhaskara II (1114 – 1185 CE)
1- ARYABHATA -[476-520 CE]
2-AMIT GARG-[1978]
3-V.N BHAT-[1938-2009]