Indian culture, which is one of the oldest and richest cultures, is now posing a serious threat as western culture is establishing it sstrong base in India and gradually wiping the Indian culture. Westernization has greatly effected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and love for others. The concept of joint families is fastly decreasing every one wants to remain aloof from others. No body now bother about others and only cares about himself which is totally contradictory to our Indian culture which teaches to be a part of each other joys andsorrows to celebrate the moments together and share the grief together. Slowly all our values for which India has the pride is vanishing & western culture is taking its place. People are blindly following the western culture without knowing its consequences.Westernization has given rise to single families. Marriages are breaking and our tolerance and patience have given the answer.
Our culture is slowly vanishing away and so we've to preserve it. We Indians should be proud that we have such a rich and a diverse culture and we should accept it with pride. //
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