आपकी छोटी बहन/छोटा भाई छात्रवास में रहती हैं. उसकी पढाई-लिखाई के संबंध में उसे एक पत्र लिखिए.
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Here u have to write a letter to ur brother or sister imagining that he/she lives in a hostel. u have to ask about the way he/she is studying there and will have to give strategy how they can score better marks.

dear prerana,
                     Hope you are fine and your studies are going well. Everyone is fine at home and always remember. I have written this letter to you just to know how your studies are going on and what plan you have made to achieve higher marks.I want to give you some important tips from which you can easily score higher marks. Firstly, you revise the lessons which has been taught you each day and complete your homework regularly and keep learning everything regularly. By this way your work will not be incomplete and you will keep learning too. Secondly, revise everything early in the morning calmly so that it would always be in your mind. Lastly, the lessons which your subject teachers will start the next day you should read them before they teach you if you will do this you will not face problem in understanding the term.
You should keep my all these tips in your mind and work hard for your studies. I have complete faith that if you will follow my tips then you will surely score best marks in your class.
Keep writing me letter informing me about your marks regularly. And you surely tell me whether my tips helped you or not.
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