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        Sarojini Naidu
is a poet deeply connected to Indian culture and ideology. Her poems show the whole variety of Indian fauna and flora, stories and legends, heroes and normal people. By showing things which are close to the reader, she tries to show larger problems faced not only by the society as a whole, but also by single individuals. 

        One of the examples can be the Bazaars of Hyderbad - a vibrantly colorfoul piece of poetry which describes the very Bazaars. Written in times of the British rule, the poem was supposed to be an answer to Indian boycott of western products. At those times it was banned to publish Indian newspapers, hence, it is quite likely that Sarojini Naidu decided that a poem would be a better way to spread the word and speak to the people. 

I'm giving you only one example, it should help you well enough to write another one or two paragraphs about other poems by the author, before you go to the conclusion.

        To sum up, we can most definitely say that poems by Naidu are abundant in the traditional Indian values and full of Indian culture and spirit. It seems almost inseparable from her writing. You cannot miss it while reading her pieces. 

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