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Haha Nice question :

NO never!!
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Wat a question ! :P
Hahah ! :P
BTW aisa ho ni sakta ! -_-
no but your skin would be having wounds
Wow ! -_- Really! -_-
Mujhe to pta hi nahi tha xD Aur mein apne upar spider chadne kyu du by way ! -_-
Nd babe mind u pls stop irritating us ! -_- OKayy! ??
If we r trying to concentrate den let us do ! -_-
U r no one to disturb us ! -_- This is a website of helping others not making fun of them ! -_- So better be with ur own business !
srishtu u are also no one to make fun of anyone so just stay in ur limits dont cross them
Oh ! :P Really! I never made a fun of it! -_-
Just see above who startes dat
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Never yaar this is a silly question

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