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All the cities back that date was well planned.all the drainage system were underground and all streets were well prepared and planned to perform a systematic functions, there were different kinds of towns and the most important then was administrative town because that was the place where king held his court and control the kingdom. There and then many kinds of towns the specializes and concentrate in specific kinds of functions such as craft towns are the towns where some craft is concentrated in such as Varanasi accounts in special sarees etc.
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I. drainage system
every city had a well planedd drainage system which ran along the roads and evry drains canals intersect each at 90*.
ii. streets
the stretts were cleaned and better made of bricks or kaccha road.
iii. functions of towns and artistic blocks 
its main function was to take the loads of work of king by the ministers
iv. architecture.
its was well devloped they learned the art of weaving, casting metals etc.
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