One day Sohan went to his friend’s house. He was surprised to see that most of the electrical
appliances at his house were functional. For example tube light and fan in all room, two TV‟s,
computer, light of toilet & kitchen were switched on sohan told his friend that this is not the way to
use electricity. Now the question arises whether this habit of consuming electrical energy is
acceptable or not. Will it not effect like economical condition of family as well as the nation how?



Not this is not acceptable because save electricity means save life
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Of Course, it is obvious that such a habit of wasting electricity is not acceptable at all. It will affect the economical condition of the family as overuse of electricity will increase their expenses too. People mostly think that their duty is over by paying their bills but it is not so. They waste the resources of the country as well as their money.
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it affects economic status and it will affect next generations