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         Nuclear Disasters and Mitigation Measures

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Medical treatment of people and animals:

     Well preparedness, gathering of medical knowledge and training of medical personnel near nuclear sites.   Nuclear Medicine and Applied Science (INMAS) takes care of these.

    There are certain materials, chemicals, medicines like American ginseng, Berberine, honey, Ginkgo biloba, lemon balm, propolis, Apple pectin  that have protecting effect or reducing effect of radioactive radiation levels in human or animal bodies.   medical or pharmacological web sites describe these.

Immediate actions by administration and people:
    There are other administrative immediate actions to reduce radioactive contamination of agricultural food, fields.  These are to be taken care by the government or local government bodies.  Sufficient training needs to be also provided.  Some of the actions are:

  1. Stop milk consumption and surface water until radiation levels are checked.
  2. Protect animals with plastic sheets or tarpaulins. Move animals into a properly closed shed or barn.  People should protect themselves in houses with closed door/windows.  Strong and thick walls prevent radiation from getting in.
 3. Harvest ripe crops and put them as well as all live stock under cover.
 4. Fishing, collecting mushrooms, collecting forest foods, fruits etc. are to be stopped until proper checks are done and green signals are given by authorities.
 5. There are other such measures.

Emergency Preparedness:

       The disaster management bodies must be ready with the action (contingency) plans and coordination.  Some information is available from international bodies.   The organizations involved should all be aware of their participation and role.   Continuous upgradation of techniques and training useful technologies must be done.

     The materials related to counter measures and emergency actions after a disaster must be kept available.  The equipment to measure radiation levels should be available.   Protective clothing wear, Radioactive decontamination kit and emergency kit should be defined.   A mobile laboratory may be needed.   Alternate food, water and residence arrangements need to be planned for the areas which are around a few km around nuclear plants.   Evacuation procedures must be developed.

Design and construction of plants:

     It should be seen that the location is not earthquake prone or severe cyclone prone area.   The walls must be tall, and thick to prevent radiation from spreading out.   Proper precautions in the plant and underground storage are to be followed.  The safety must be audited regularly.

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