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The writer's grandmother belonged to the old world,yet she was quite well   awakened  and wise.When she was young,she never went to school .Nobody bothered about education .That is why,she saw to it that her children and grandchildren studied well.At times she used to regret  for not going to school.

Her grandmother was very passionate about a story, Kashi Yatre, which used to appear in the weekly magazine. The girl used to read out the story to her grandmother every week, as her grandmother didn't know how to read or write. One day, the girl left the house to attend a marriage somewhere else. The magazine arrived while the girl was gone and the grandmother, unable to read the content, rubbed her hands on the pictures, feeling hopeless and dependent on her granddaughter. Once the girl came back, her grandmother insisted the her granddaughter to teach her how to read and write. Within a very short period of time, the grandmother was successful and able to read and write. Her greatest sense of satisfaction began when she started reading the novel of the story Kashi Yatre on her own.