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During the rule of louis xvi the system of estates called feudal system was established .
in this system people are divided into three estates 1st estate known as clergy ,2 nd estate known as nobility , and the third estate contains peasants ,businessman, etc..
only the third estate people have to pay taxes  and  first and second estate people got all privileges .
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Explain the circumstances that led to the formation of republic form of government in france
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During the time, the people of France were divided into three estates, namely 1.the clergy, 2.the nobility and 3.the commoners. The clergy included all the priests and members of the church. The nobility included the ruling class. The french parliament at that time was known as The States General. In this parliament each estate had one vote.
The decisions of the parliament were always favourable to the first two estates and dislikable to the 3rd estate. But, the first two estates always got majority over the last estate (1+1=2 over 1). This aggression among the third estate led to the French revolution.
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