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There is nothing deny the fact that character protects the life. But if the character is in positive manner because the positive character charackter always push you to the good goal but negative character will always pull you back from any good goal so its better to having postive character. In this world we have to win in every field. Competition plays an important role. Every minute and second are valued in the name of competition. Achievement is the only aim to be got as love, patience and good character are little by little vanishing day by day. Time is too much valued, so patience, sacrifice is always forgotten and a new face arouses harsh, rough characters. All these arise due to the fast movement of this world. Now a days its time of computers , tabs means all are technical gadgets which makes humans hardest work so easier. In this busy life all wants sudden solution specially humans. Good character stands always in society .youngest should always respect and help their elders.spreading care to all as a human for a human being is also a part of good character...
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