You must be fond of a sport or any hobby like painting or dancing or singing .imagine that you have become a star in your field of interest .one day, you meet a poor boy with a lot of talent but no resources to get himself the facilities to nuture his talent . as a successful person ,who is very interested in nurturing his talent you decide to become his mentor . how would you go about doing it ?write a diary entry on any given date ten years from now about the feelings that the young talented person evoked in you and the plans you thought of to develop his potential.



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It's going to be a completely different essay for anybody who writes it. It is, in a way, supposed to boost your imagination and bring your creative self out. Try to think about your own essay, if you want, you could use the ideas we've prepared for you, check them out: 

1. What were your experiences after becoming a celebrity?
2. How and when did you meet the boy?
3. Write what discussion took place between you two?
4. What were your initial views about the boy?
5. What potential did you discover in him?
6. The emotions, which aroused in your heart.
7. Why did you decide to help him (the ways you helped him). 

Remember, that while you're writing a diary entry, you should follow a couple of rules: 

1. You should write from first person, it's your own life, try to fit in and make it personal.
2. You should note when and where it was written, it's how diary looks like.
3. It's personal, so you shouldn't worry too much about the style, be sure though not to make grammatical mistakes. Nobody should make then, no matter what and where you write or who the recipient of your text is. 

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