1.Apical meristem
It is present at the shoot and root apex.
It is  responsible for increase in length.
2.Intercalary meristem:
It is present away from apical meristem.
It is present at the base of internode 
eg : In grasses or at the base of leaves in Pinus at the base of  nodes in Mentha
3.Lateral meristem:
It is present laterally in the axis.
It divides radially and is responsible for increase in grith or thickness or diameter.
eg:Vascular cambium ,cork cambium.
Apical meristem - They are present at the tips of the stem,roots and branches. They are responsible for axial growth in a plants.
Intercalary meristem - They are present at the base on internodes and are responsible for growth of internodal region.
Lateral meristem - They are present on the lateral sides of stems and roots. It is responsible for radial growth of plant. eg - Vascular cambium and cork cambium