The word dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their hindi ,this system is called dahej pratha.this is one of those evil practises which are being followed over years after years.this system refers to the fulfilling of the useless demands of the bridegroom's family.the bride's parents are forced to fulfil all their demands or else they will break the marriage.this frightens the bride's parents.sometimes ,even after marriage ,some husbands demands for more.when the wife's family refuses to fulfil their demands,they wildly torchures the wife.this have really become a social evil.we girls are not materials which are to be sold.we have our own should marry a girl by seeing the capabilities of the girl and not by seeing the property of her father.we girls are the only one who can stop this.lets not keep our mouths shut instead lets raise our voice and destroy this evil practise from our society.