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Nowadays, crime is expanding in lot of countries all over the world. I think that the main reason is the unemployment growing, while the cost of living is rising. People committee a crime for their living, but I believe that, this is not a good reason for all the time. Much people don’t work, because they don’t want to work, just sit home and wait for the monthly support. To decrease the crime, the government should manage the level of unemployment, control the unemployment benefits and reduce the crime.

First of all, increasing the number of workplaces by building new factories and other commercial facilities is a good way to rising the people well-being and the result will be the drop of the crime. However, new job opportunities need strong, growing economy, where people find jobs and they don’t afraid to lose it. The lack of the strong economy is one of the main reason for crime.

In the other hand, the government has to convince the people that working is more beneficial than sitting home and stealing from the neighborhood by give them less supports and stricter punishment for crime. In my experience, many families in the countryside don’t grow any crops such as vegetables and fruit, in spite of most of them has garden and time for that and they get seeds for free, too. They rather steal it from another garden, what is easier and usually they don’t caught by the police. This adverse behavior has to punished and prevent by the authorities.

All things considered, the strong economy is one of the key for the lower crime rate, but the weak authority is also very important. Develop a country’s economy is a very hard and long procedure, and needed international support.