Main roles of student to prevent river pollution-
1 they can tell about it to the people who pollute the river
2.they can start many program for cleaning of river enng. can make such machines which produce less polluted things which throw in river

4. they can stop the factory owner to throw the harmful chemical and waste   in the river
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we can reduse this by doing various things for example the students can do campaigning, rally and by saying some quotes on it or some slogans . and main thing is we should realize the people by saying it is not good for us by doing like this ,we should give a chance for our next generation for enjoying the nature.
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We should do all these to reduce river pollution or as a whole water pollution
1)we should not through waste or litter in the water bodies.
2)we should take care of the fact that the water bodies should be cleaned every week
3)animals should not go inside the water bodies as they usually pollute the water
4)plants should be grown around the water body they keep the water clean
5)we should keep clean the surrounding of the water body.