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        As always - new times mean new behavioural patterns in people, especially teenagers who are the easiest to influence by what's new. It's no surprise then, that they got so easily hooked up on the era of gadgets which has come about since just a couple years ago.  
        Being modern has its own benefits and drawbacks. Youngster nowadays want to look 'cool' and so they demand modern gadgets from their parents - mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. We can observe an ongoing shift in system of values of modern people. All of a sudden it's more important to look 'cool' than, to actually be a good person. 
      Many people are afraid and try to patronize saying that young people ceased to realise the side effects of commitment to materialism, which is, allegedly, destroying their most precious values. We can see elders (who naturally try to stand in defence of tradition) speaking about capitalism destroying the very essence of humanism in young people, that they start to treat their parents as a mere source of money needed for their new precious technological treasures. Does it really look like this though? 
        Certainly, whenever new technologies are released to the world, they carry a certain amount of risk with them. Just like simple tools could used for killing other people, new technologies can also be misused and abused. At the same time we have to say what everybody fears to admit - we are the ones who decide what to do with tools and technologies brought to us. 
        I know tens of people who are using technological gadgets all the time, every single day and I know them as loving children, devoted partners and trustworthy friends. Those gadgets allow them to get more from the information stream constantly flowing through the net and changing the world we can physically see. They can study wherever they are, take down notes whenever they have a great idea or freeze a memorable moment in time by making a picture with a phone. Is that in any way bad? 
        For me, technology is neither good or bad, it's completely neutral, because technology itself doesn't have a mind, it's completely dependent on our will. It's up to us them how we will use it and what it will bring upon us. 

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