You please send your paragraph in english ... I will translate it into hindi and send you...
wait is it you are hindi homework
It was a hot summer morning when i and my 2 mates board on a train to kolkata .Beside our seat there was a punjabi family with 2 cute girls with them.they were very friendly and played with us whole was 9pm at night when the unjabi family gave us some food to was 11pm when they slept and then we got on our work , we stole as much our bags overfload...then when we were about to get down ,something happend tragic . a minute later when i woke up i saw myself on the floor of the train and above me was many dead bodies took no time for me to understand that it was a train accident.everyone was crying blood was floading the train.whan i was about to get up a aged hand touched my was the hand of a punjabi old lady who was crying to help her granddaughter..i was shocked.i really cant forgive myself that from whose bag i stole things.beside giving punishment ,,.god has presented me with a great and lovely memorable experience at train........