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It's a question asked in order to boost your creativity and teach you how to construct a text, I will help with that as much as I can but I don't think that a ready article is the best way. I am giving you some points which could be easily used in your article, elaborate to make the final piece,

All the best! 
                       Education and edification are the need of the hour

1. The most basic knowledge, which is crucial for survival is reading, writing and counting. 

2. But knowing to read and write is not enough. Education has the capacity to bring a massive change. 

3. Education instils values, morals and also triggers one towards self-introspection. When this takes place it leads to a change of thought and mentality and it ultimately reflects in one's deeds.

4. When good deeds ate done then it naturally has a positive effect on the surrounding. Education can, therefore, create an upheaval in the society. It is the people who are involved in the system of education who can bring about the edification. They are the teachers, professors, curriculum setters, publishers, etc.

I hope that it will make your life a ilttle bit easier by giving you a clear notion about how the article should look like and what you could include in it.
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