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First opened in 2012, New Delhi Metro service is the 15th biggest one in the world.  It has been under continuous development since that very moment. It includes both - building new lines additional to the original Red Line as well as extending the existent ones. At the moment it's consistent of 6 lines: 
    - Red 
    - Yelow
    - Blue 
    - Green
    - Violet 
    - Orange (Airport special line)

Based on the commuters survey, New Delhi Metro has been ranked one of the three most comfortable such services in the world, along with London and Bangkok. 

For the city itself it has been a huge relief since its opening in 2012. It lifted a lot of traffic weight from the above ground transport and therefore - lowered the pollution. Thanks to that, public buses could finally move more freelly around the city. 

All of the arguments, suggest then, that the decision to build Metro in New Delhi was a good one indeed. Not only for the people and prestige of the city itself, but also for the evironment. 
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