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Dear Diary,
Today is an exciting day.  Julia, Dad, Freddy, my niece Diana and I are in Maryland. This is our summer vacation for the week as a family. I really enjoy family vacations. This one is really nice because we didn’t have to stay at a hotel, we are staying at the house of some family relatives that Freddy has. We ate so much pizza because our relatives in here own a pizza store. We went to many malls and stores.The malls here are really big and far away from home. You have to drive many miles just to find a store. Deysi got a nice dress that fit her just right. Her quince is coming up so she bought the dress that she will wear after midnight. It was pink with a lot of glitter. I bought some shirts to wear at home. Julia bought clothes for Diana. My little niece is so cute, she said, “Mommy this looks pretty can I get it? I want to wear it to the party.” My sister said, “ Look at her so little and she wants to pick out her own outfit. She loves to party. I think I’m going to have some problems when she grows up.” Every one laughed. Freddy didn’t buy anything because like any other guy, he does not have patience to go shopping. My dad just walked around with us and did not buy anything at all. We also went to a party which was really fun. In the party Deysi said she was so tired and she did not dance. I was all over the dance floor. I really enjoy dancing. Julia, Freddy and Dad were dancing as well. Deysi was just sitting there, rejecting every one who tried to take her out to dance. I think she was getting mad because she wanted to leave but Dad said she had to wait. We left really late and it was such a fun party. We recently got home and are really to go to sleep after such a long day. In here, the night is actually beautiful because you can actually see the stars and everything is so calming. I think Maryland is a really good place to relax and rest.
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