Yes they both were truely bonded to each other emotionally and at the wedding when rahmat came to see mini they both recognised each other this shows that their friendship was true
no they won't recognize
rahamat still thought mini a young age girl
and mini was too unable to recognize
Mini was a kid when she met Rahamat but intially she was scared of him but slowly slowly mini started to be friendly with Rahamat and this blossomed their friendship and as for rahamat he considered mini as his own daughter. and one day all of sudden rahamat was put behind the bars for murdering. But this hasn't faded away the love and affection he had for mini. So on the wedding day of mini rahamat came to see and was suprised to see her all grown up.  so they had a true and faithful friendship  
Mini did not recognized him.................................................
and even rahamat once confused to recognize him