Best facilities are required for producing a best sportsman. The Govt. should come forward to build good avenues for the development of sports and games in our country. The funds allotted to the sports ministry in various States and the Union Government is always megre.The Governments do not feel it necessary or important to provide adequate funds for sports. Even the funds allotted are seldom spent properly. The Sports Authorities in many states are mere ornamental organizations. They should be filled with people who have adequate knowledge of sports and interest to promote sports. Even there are some active persons, what can they do with megre funds? 

So, this is the situation in our country which requires reforms at all the above levels so that the Indian youth can be encouraged to achieve excellence in sports. Is it possible in the present situation? Yes, we must be optimistic we are witnessing fast changes in each and every field in our country towards the betterment and why it should not hold good in case of sports also? May our youth achieve par excellence in sports in the days to come.
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