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RAISINS contains endomosis 

Endosmosis:- The movement of liquid from outside to inside is known as endosmosis

 the movement of liquid from inside to outside is known as exosmosis.

 When we put a raisin inside a bowl of water, the raisin swells up after a few minutes

When we put raisins in salt solution,the water starts coming out of water

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1) In Raisins.
We know, 'endo' means out and 'exo' means in.
Endosmosis is the movement of  liquid from the outside to inside of the raisins.It takes place in hypotonic solution. When we keep raisins in a container filled with water, the raisins absorbes the water and swells up.This is due to higher concentration inside the raisin.
Exomosis is the movement of liquid from inside to the outside out by of the raisins. When we keep raisins in concentrated solution of salt, the water comes out of the raisins.

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