Idioms and phrases are given in the following question you are required to write the meaning of these and use them in your own sentences
1) TO PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE-----------------------------------...
2) TO BE AN APPLE OF THE EYE-------------------------------------...
3) FULL THROTTLE ----------------------------------------...
4) TO BURN MIDNIGHT OIL ----------------------------------------...
5) APPLE PIE ORDER ----------------------------------------...
6) TO COME BACK TO SQUARE ONE-------------------------------------...
7) TO CUT IRON WITH IRON ----------------------------------------...
8) TO RE-INVENT THE WHEEL ----------------------------------------...
9) A HERCULEAN TASK ----------------------------------------...
10) A FEATHER IN THE CAR ----------------------------------------...



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1. meaning - to do the thing is wrong order
ex  - don't put the cart before the horse by investing money in new house before selling the old one.
2. meaning -  a person who someone loves the most.
ex  -  I am the apple of my father's eye.
3. meaning  - doing something at the maximum speed
ex - bolt ran with his full throttle.
4.meaning  -  to work overtime or over the normal capacity.
ex  -  before exams , every students burn midnight's oil.
5. meaning  - neatly or well organized.
ex -  her room is always in  apple pie order.
6. meaning  -  return or starting point of some investigation.
ex - we have to do this thing without coming back to the square one.
7.meaning  -  only one similar man can defeat the other.
ex - he was a boxer so we called a boxer to defeat him cause iron can cut iron.
8.meaning - to make unnecessary preparations
ex -  why reinvent the wheel when the medicines given to her are effective.
9. meaning  - things that require great strength.
ex -  to reach at a stable position in life is a herculean task.
10. meaning - an achievement you can be proud of
ex -  this movie will add another feather in her cap. 

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