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Cells constitute various components of plants and animals. A cell is the smallest unit of life and is capable of all living functions. Cells are the building blocks of life. This is the reason why cells are referred to as the basic structural and functional units of life. All cells vary in their shape, size, and activity they perform. In fact, the shape and size of the cell is related to the specific functions they perform.
This chapter is all about cell. As you know that all living things are made up of cells even it is a human body, animal body or a plant. 
In this chapter you will learn the structure of cell and how it passes and takes its food/waste. This is done by the selectively permeable membrane. it is very fine and gives permission to waste/food to go out or enter in a cell. And all biochemical processes of respiration and energy product in mitochondria. Mitochondria is the most important part of cell.
U will read about osmosis, endo osomosis and exo osomosis in this chapter..
And I hope that thislittle bit knowledge will help u.. 
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