anoi in summertime, covered in radiant sunny days. Everybody was travelling around. They probably already had their own plans for this summer, however, we, the volunteers in H4T group and HFVina group had decided to visit and give presents to the Children in the Hope Orphanage”, 50 km far from Hanoi.

What an unforgettable trip. The eyes, the smiles of the children have lingered in me for a long time since.
We left Hanoi at 7am. The friendly atmosphere of the volunteers and the games we played in the bus really made the long distance feel shorter. Our group, including 40 members, arrived at the Hope Orphanage at 9 am on Sunday 19/5/2013. We appreciated the presence of volunteers of two groups as well as the sponsors’ representatives.

We were also very touched when we received the warm welcome from all the staff of the orphanage. All the kids were so eager to be with the volunteers as if they met their own relatives after a long time.