Following is the list of six wonderful forts in india
agra fort,amber fort,jaisalmer fort,golconda fort the gwalior fort,red fort of india
choose any one of them and find information on the following points..
1- architecture of the fort.
2- type of material used in its construction.
3- scientific concept applicable in its design.
4.Steps taken by the archaeological survey of india to preserve the fort

I know its tough but plz try to find the information and answer ...thx guys



I know it is not the Full information, but I can get some of it:
The Golconda Fort was built by the "Kakatiya Rulers" in 1143 Ad.
It is famous for it's numerous halls, royal apprtments, parade grounds and Mosque. This fort has 8 gate, with main gate, being "Fateh Darwaza", witch marks the victorios mark of King Aurangazeb.The door is of 13feet width and 25 feet height, and was protected and made by steel spikes, to protect them from the Elephants. It's architecture is the Embodiment of the "Nawabi" Culture and Style.
Constructed on a hill, this intelligently planned architectural splendor, has excellent Ventilation, which used to be a huge repite during the Summers. It is
believed that a huge underground tunnel, which leads to the Darbar hall in the fort to the foothills is cunstructed.
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