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Dear Sussie, 

Thank you so much for your last letter, I especially liked the part about your adorable dog! Anyway, thanks a lot once more. 

As for me, I have just returned from my holiday trip, we decided to go at the end of summer vacation hoping that there will be less people, we were wrong, of course. You know how it is when it's early afternoon in the tube? Everybody's coming back from work and you barely squeeze in? Like pickles in a jar... anyway, that's exactly how London looked like.

Nonetheless, we had a blast! Annie loved the city, we've shot like thousands of pictures and even made some videos! You've got to see those, is there any way you could drop by for a weekend or something? We'd love to have you... 

Ok, back to the topic - London. You really need to go there, it's lovely and I'm not even speaking about the main attractions. Of course, everybody needs to see the Big Ben or the Westminster Bridge, nontheless, if you go to a more hidden place, you will be flabbergusted, believe me. Maybe next time we could go together, the four of us - You, Tom, Me and Annie, what do you think? 

As always, I'm waiting forward to hearing from you!