commodities and the state of the country and the nation. In modern age, media has assumed the role of a guide in daily life of everybody

Who gave us our values prior to the multimedia 24-hour per day sensory circus that is the state of current television programming?  It seemed to fall upon the shoulders of those who’s burden it really was: our parents, teachers, and religious leaders.  This group of three met us as we emerged from the womb, and they served as our educators and shepherds throughout our formative years.  Their power was such that they remained role models well into adulthood.  There could be no mistaking the influence the aforementioned had on our worldview as we actually knew these individuals.  If we were lucky, we had well-intentioned educators who encouraged our questions, sparked lively debate, and gave us the tools and opinions to help us form our own opinions.  But where are we now? We have been given surrogate guidance counselors on every facet of our lives, and they beam their “opinions” to us nearly every second of every waking day.  They are the media and they have supplanted our traditional means of communicating with one another for information and guidance.  Instead, they dictate, chastise, set trends, and increasingly offer dissent only within pre-proscribed boundaries.
media responsibility is cover the people and gave support to people .
media should not think about it should think about people.