You are provided with three watch glasses containing milk, petrol
and mustard oil, respectively. Suppose you bring a burning candle
near these materials one by one, which material(s) will catch fire
instantly and why?

Science - Exemplar Problems

Chapter 6. Combustion and Flame



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Petrol will catch fire instantly because of ignition temperature .Petrol have low ignition temperature so it will not take time to catch fire but mustard oil and milk have high temperature so it will take time to catch fire

 if the ignition temperature is low then it burns quickly but if the temperature is high then it takes time to burn

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The petrol will catch fire instantly.Petrol has low ignition temperation and high calorific value as compared to milk and mustard oil.
Therefore, out of these given three liquids, petrol will burn instantly producing a large amount of heat as well as light.

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