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Education is more important but skill is most important   It is true Our young generation needs to be skilled in order to get employment.It is very much important to get skills and only then we can think of a bright future of a country. Nowadays we usually face this problems that a person is knowledgeable but not skilled enough to do a particular job. Yes i support thisThis change the society which think that knowledge is most important to all rather than skill . This generation people need to be skilled rather than knowledge based to those who are not well in study ,there future is based on their skill . Only skill can take progress in their life.  Skill based education is better as it is useless if we have knowledge but do not have the skill to apply it and fulfill our goal. Many people are knowledgeable but if they are skilled as well , they can get employment and have a good life but if we only have knowledge its useless without a skill to apply it .Knowledge is of no use without a skill to apply it. A student can get a good knowledge by just reading but skill to apply the knowledge can only be achieved by practice. For ex. My bro has a good knowledge on electric circuits but practically he cannot even put a fuse or a bulb. Education Should Be Skill Based   It is true because students only mug-up the answers and don't know what it means, and say that they have a lot of knowledge. These students score better but don't get jobs because the don't have any skill and basic need. Because of this, students having skill will not come up in life. If Education is skill based then students will improve their skills and succeed in their life.
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