Maintaining one's well-being requires a balance between the physical, social, economic, spiritual and mental aspects of life. This is unique to your own experience and needs. At times, you may find yourself out of balance and it can take an effort to regain equilibrium.

In finding your balance, it is important to remember that you may feel that you don't have the time, energy or interest to do some of the things you enjoy. Don't wait for your eagerness or interest to return before you get moving. They may not come back on their own. First, you need to begin doing some of the things that you used to like. The enjoyment and enthusiasm often come later. 

Maintaining Good Health
while maintaining good health habits will not guarantee a longer life, it will certainly improve the quality of life. The following are a few simple factors, if practiced regularly that help minimize the risk of illness and enrich life:
daily exercise avoidance of smoking and drug abuse avoidance or moderation of alcohol use weight control balanced and healthy diet tooth care control of high blood pressure good safety practices