Laziness is grave for alive.......
"inspiration is a guest that doesn't willingly visit lazy human beings." being active is the key to be happy. a lazy person is a threat to the the economy of the country and the world too. god has given humans life to perform varied activities to make their life worthwhile but by being lazy they make their life worthless. besides being aware of the fact that failure is the punishment of being lazy they still behave lazy, this reflects their reluctant attitude towards their life. laziness may appear attractive but it can never provide success and satisfaction. without hardwork even a single peny cannot be achieved . life demands struggle . to reach at the top we need to forget laziness.
 laziness leads to sickness . laziness has adverse effects on health and mind too.
"laziness is just like accepting defeat before you even got on your feet." noone is born as a failure but we turn ourselves into mere failures by just being lazy.
laziness and hardwork are arch rivals and cannot exist together. either we need to choose hardwork , we can be active and can achieve success, or we can choose laziness and become a failure and a loser.
laziness gives relief and enjoyment but hardwork and activeness gives success and satisfaction , which are more important to lead life happily .
so be active and be happy.
never be lazy as-"laziness makes ambition and caliber handicapped."