After hot days of June, a rainy day is welcomed. In summers ponds be­come dry. Birds and animals feel thirsty. All men, women and children feel uneasy during hot days. With the falling of rains every one gets happy. Peacocks present a dance during rainy days. Frogs in ponds cry very loudly. The Buffaloes enjoy a bath in water ponds. Some people enjoy rain bath including the children who play in rain water. The farmers became happy. They had been praying for the rainfall. Farmers started ploughing their field.People come out in rain-coats and use umbrellas during rains. If it is raining in- the morning children be­come happy because now it would be a holiday for them.Level of rivers begins to rise. A cold wind blows. The weather becomes pleasant due to rains. There is also thunder and lightning.
Rainy day might appear  gloomy and depressing to many, but to those living in the tropics the rains are a welcome change. All of a sudden the earth is transformed from this dry, dusty, parched piece of land in to a gorgeous, green beauty that is full of life and vigor . The sky may be overcast, but the flowers are in full bloom. All around, it is like the earth is coming alive, celebrating life itself. The smell of rain when it hits the hot earth is what memories are made of in the subcontinent.