I am beginning the creation of a garden that will express my feelings and passion for gardening. It will allow me to unleash my ideas and creativity, using natural decorative plants to express my feelings and beliefs; as they did in earlier times and still do today. Back when cultivation of natural gardens first started people only gardened to survive and to live on. Now a days people garden to survive but also for personal enjoyment. They plant many different arrays of plants in various designs to satisfy what they believe to be a garden. I believe a garden to be something where I can take my own plot of land and have it undergo an extraordinary transformation. It will slowly grow and harbor plant life along with wildlife. I would like it to be where I am living and would like to be able to observe and just relax in complete serenity. My garden is where I go to not hide but shelter myself from my responsibilities and the environment. A garden is completely natural, made by your hands, and contains the raw emotions of frustration, enjoyment, and serenity. It’s a mirror of what you believe a garden should be.My dream garden was created using computer graphics and also my artful intuition. I started by listing all the things I would need for my garden to come to life. Each of the things I had to look up in the turf guide. I would select different companies for each subject. Each company had is specialty of gardening whether it be sprinklers or just plain old fertilizer. After completing my list and going over each company once again I looked online to find some sort of design. I searched for a program that would allow me to create my own garden. I wanted to be able to actually make my garden a virtual reality. After downloading the program I went to work placing structures, fountains, and statues in my garden. I used raised flower beds to give an enclosed environment