Ring-ti-ling-ti-ling!, the bell is ringing in the air.That’s the sound of the ice cream bell loud and fair.“Mama, the ice cream man is here, can you hear?”“Please give me some centavos, he’s coming near.”“Okay here,” ma generously gives and say“Include your brothers and sister; that’s enough to pay.”“The largest cup I could find,” with eagerness, I thought.From the kitchen to the ice cream man, a cupful I bought.“Mamang Sorbetero, Mr. Ice Cream Man, salamat!”“Thank you for the delicious ice cream;” to resist, I cannot.On a hot sunny day, far up the burning streets you walk;Pushing, pedalling your ice cream cart block to block.Your friendly smile not ever tired to greet us children;The tune of your single bell, in our naps we awaken.Your kindness of extra scoops, did you fall for my charm?My innocent trick works every time, didn’t mean you no harm.Till next time, Mr. Ice Cream Man, I’ll wait for the bell;I’d be all grown up perhaps, only time will tell.If you’re still around, we’ll joyfully run for you Now, my children will taste the purple ice cream too.