Introduction.2.   Indian Elections -Scale of Operation.3.   Constituencies & Reservation of Seats.4.   How Constituency Boundaries are drawn up?5.   Reservation of Seats.6.   Parliament.7.   Rajya Sabha - The Council of States.8.   State Assemblies.9.   President and Vice-President.10. Independent Election Commission.11. Who can vote?12. The Electoral Roll.13. Computerisation of Rolls.14. Electors' Photo Identity Cards.15. When do elections take place?16. Scheduling the Elections.17. Who can stand for Election.18. Number of Candidates.19. Campaign.20. Polling Days.21. Ballot Papers & Symbols.22. How the voting takes place?23. Political Parties and Elections24. Registration with Election Commission.25. Recognition and Reservation of Symbols.26. Limit on poll expenses.27. Free Campaign time on state owned electronic media.28. Splits and mergers and anti-defection law.29. Election Petitions.30. Supervising Elections, Election Observers.31. Counting of Votes.32. Media Coverage.33. Parliament.