The sound wave involves the vibration of the particles of the medium through which they travel. Sound travels 15 times faster in solids than in air. That's why a spoon can sound like a bell. perform the following experiment to prove it:-
take two plastic or paper cups and make a hole at the bottom. take a string and tie a metal spoon at the centerĀ of the string. knot the end of the string to the cups through the holes. place the two cups over your ears.lean forward a bit so thatĀ 
spoon hangs freely.when you will tap the hanging spoon by other metal spoon and the hanging spoon will start to vibrate and produce sound like a bell.
There's a property of metals which says that metals are sonorous, which means they create ringing sound when struck or hit. A spoon will also create a bell-like sound due to this property of metals. You can also demonstrate this in your fa-1 with the help of an activity. Hope this helps.... :)