1.An organised and comprehensiveness of recording the results of the firms activities.
2.Improved data access to users through use of host and query languages.
3.Facilitated development of new application program.
4.Improved data security.
5.Reduced updating errors and increased consistency.
6.Conflicting requirement can be handled.
7.Greater data integrity and independence from applications program.
8.Reduced data entry ,storage ,and retrieval costs.
9.A receiver of data to be used in meeting the information requirement of the MIS users.
10.Reduced data redundancy.
The advantages of database are as follows :-
1.Data consistency
2.Data sharing
3.Data integration
4.Controlling data redundancy
5.Data security
6. Data atomicity
7.Backup and recovery procedures.
8.Control over concurrency
9.Data independence.
10. Development of application.