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Hi, I got your letter last week you asked me for describe about global warming so in this letter I am going to say you about global warming.
  Global Warming is the rise of earth's temperature at which it can harm the human beings and every things on the planet. Global warming is caused by green house effect and green house effect is caused by many gases but mainly it is caused by carbon dioxide. Green house effect causes hole in the ozone present in earth's atmosphere which protect us from ultra violent rays of sun. Industries are main factor for global warming because for development of industries land is need which comes from cutting forest this the first reason then after the development of industries it causes so much pollution it is also harmful for the atmosphere then  the also the sewage of industries also harms the soil and atmosphere. And people ct so many trees for fossils, furniture, firewood. And if they cut trees then the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will not be converted in oxygen which cause global warming. Due to hole present in atmosphere it causes many skin diseases. So we should try make people awaring for not cutting trees and plant more and more trees as possible
  Ok, after this we will talk in next letter. Say hi to your sister and namaste to your parents from me.
Your friend

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