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So let the total distance be 2x 
so time taken to cover x distance with  20 m/s is 

distance = velocity x time 

time = distance / velocity 

t₁ = x/20 

similarly for the next half time taken t₂ = x/30

t₁ + t₂ =  \frac{x}{20}+ \frac{x}{30}  \frac{x}{12}

so average speed = 2x/(t₁+t₂)

 \frac{2x}{ \frac{x}{12} } = 24 m/s ANSWER
plz answer as besyt
Thnx.....but i hv one doubt tht y did u chose 2x as distance as total distance travelled
its due to as if i take 2x it will be easy for me to calculate as if u chose x as the total distance the half will be in fraction ie x/2 which will be a bit problem in calculation if u take x also the answer will be same
hello, souvik plse answer this question the resultant of two unequal vectors is equal to sum of their magnitudes, the angle between the vector is