7/9,baghbazar street,
kolkata-700 002
13 th june,2015

dear sanyukta,
hope you are well by the grace of god.wi have not met you since 2 years .i last saw you before you went to Paraguay for your higher studies.
i received your letter yesterday in which you wanted to know about my studies,hobbies,likes and dislikes.presently,i am studying in class 8 in St.Thomas Girls' School.basically i have two hobbies:-playing basket ball and drawing pictures.whenever i get time,i prefer doing any one of my two likes as very simple.i love to eat italian favourite colour is black and white.i love childrens as they are all very sweet and cute.let me now let you my dislikes.first of all , i would like to say,that i hate people who does not know how to respect others especially aged people.there is no other such dislike other than this.
i would now like to know about your studies,hobbies,likes and dislikes.i hope you will enjoy reading this letter as much as i enjoyed writing it.i will now end my letter.conver my regards.
your loving friend,
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