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No, the plant will not remain healthy.When quoted with vasline the the leave, the stomatal pores get closed.It is results in the stopping of transpiration.
The coated vasline will gradually stop all the gaseous exchange including photosynthesis and respiration.As a result, the plant dies.
Therefore, a healthy plotted plant coated with vasline will not remain healthy.

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No the plant would no longer be healthy . when we apply vaseline on it it restrict the stomatal pores which in turn responsible for exchange of gases from external environment.
                  oxygen(gas)is also a part of photosynthesis .we know that in absence of oxygen the photosynthesis doesnot take place (from experiment of joseph priestly).
              then it restrict the growth,fall ill and die later.
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@nivasuhas...u have written a g8 answer....but a plant not only requires oxygen, bt it also requires other gases such as CO2...therefore, coating of vasline nt only restricts it's photosynthesis but also other gaseous exchange processes such as respiration and transpira..thank u. ^_^