1.3D printed car GPS tracking 3.air into water 4.vein identification's fastest motor 6.a house that walks.  i gave one extra! ^_^ hope it helps!!!!!!!! 
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can u plz explain them a little...
i will try
1. i don't know about it 2.that is a GPS in a phone that gives information i mean all information about that place.That means,it says at what time will that place get traffice.3.its an atmospheric water converts air into shows the vein how it goes that pattern of vein in that particular person.5.its the fastest motor in the world i am not able to explain anymore,sorry.6.its like a hotel room with six legs (3 legs one side) its in a hexagon shape.
okk thanks
any time
1. The Hoverboard -a type of skateboard that levitates like a magic carpet. 2. The supersmart spacecraft - Mangalyaan developed by the Indian space research organization. 3. A reactor that could realize nuclear fusion- High-bets fusion reactor Developed by Lockheed Martin. 4. Wireless electricity - witricity , In development for Toyota cars , Intel PC's and more. 5. Watches that redefine smart . Apple watch.
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