An earthquake is a natural happens in nature in its own accord.
recently,an earth occurred in kathmandu,nepal .it occurres on 25th of april at around 11.30 in the caused great disaster to both property and human lives.many historical monuments were almost destriyed in this massive and terrifying earthquake.
officially more than 8000 people died and more than 19000 people were severely injured.
people suffered a lot.many hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless.
this was not the end.there were many after shocks as occurred on 26th april with an mercullic intensity of VIII on the richter scale.
many people are still suffering financial problems.government is trying its best to give relief to these needy people.
the condition of nepal has become very will surely take some time to recover from this worst condition.we all should pray to god that no such natural calamity will ever occur on earth.
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