Ramesh visited his native village after a long time. He felt sorry for the people of his village.
He wanted to help them by starting a fertilizer factory So that the financial position of
villagers will be better. He got approval
From the concerned department and the financial assistance for the project
When he visited the nearest dispensary in his village, he changed his mind
and decided not to open a factory but to open smallscale industry for the
benefit of the village.
a) What made him to change his mind according to you?
b) Do you think his decision is any way better forthe village?
c) What do you think he must have seen in the dispensary, which made him
to change his mind?



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A village is a peaceful place.It is quite happy there.If he constructs a factory the village gets polluted and yes his decision was better for the village as supposing he constructed a factory he would be the one who polluted the village.Maybe he saw the smoke mixing into the air and polluting the air.
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according to me he must have observed that fertilizers are actually chemicals and are not good for health and also the soil so he must have changed his mind.

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