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Q1. Differentiate between an autotroph and a heterotroph.

Answer= Autotrophs are those organisms that are able to make energy-containing organic molecules l by using basic energy sources 

organisms that use the food that comes from other organisms are called hetrotrophs

Q2. Is nutrition a necessity for an organism? Explain.

Answer=Nutrition acts like fuel in a car. Food provides the body with the necessary nutrients to carry out basic functions of the body.That is why nutrition is necessary of each and every organism


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The answer is given in points.
1> An autrotroph is a living organism which can make its own food without being dependent on other organisms .
2>They are often referred to as Producers (as they produce their own food).
3>They are none but green plants with green leaves containing the green pigment chlorophyll which helps to trap sunlight and make food.
1>A heterotroph is a living organism which cannot make its own food and is directly or indirectly dependent on producers for their food.
2>They are often referred to as consumers (As they consume the food). And are grouped as primary , secondary , tertiary etc. Consumers hence forming a food chain.
3>They are none but Us and Other herbivorous / carnivorous / omnivorous animals like deer, lion, hawk. etc.
2.Nutrition is very important for a living organism to survive. It is like a essential factor which is necessary for all living organisms.The sun is the ultimate source of nutrition directly
or indirectly for all living organisms.
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